Thursday, September 27, 2007

Yep, I am Wooing it up in Mobile!

Thought you'd seen the last of me, eh? No such luck.

Have I been crafty? Yup, but in my own small ways.

Over the past month I have crafted up several cover letters and resumes, a few angry letters to insurance companies, a few catch up emails, a new blog (scraptiwoo), a couple of decent dinners, and I spent a whole day on my ultra-cheesy and frighteningly inclusive scrapbooks (No, they are not all fancy with ribbons, stickers, bows, and pretty stationary--they are just chronological logs of all the CRAP I have saved over the years). Scary stuff from 3rd grade on.

I don't really understand my mom's sewing machine--it lacks the mad sewing skills of Lauren's, for sure--so I haven't really engaged in much craftiness, but I did find the nerve to make yet ANOTHER cheesy pillow:

This one, with all the Happy Homemakers on it, was for Boy Wonder. He has some crazy notion that I like to cook, clean, and sew, so I thought I'd make sure he always had some cute domesticated lady to snuggle up to when he wakes up from THAT dream.

I plan to make some pillowcases with all that awesome fabric this weekend, and eventually get back to that quilt!

I miss woo!


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Mother Earth said...

You done the "Hapy Homemaker" fabric proud!!!