Monday, June 25, 2007

WOOpty doo!

Sadly, yesterday was a wooless. However there is some woo to report!

Mother Earth has tackled another little animal pillow for yet another charity event. If you're interested in owning it, it will be available in a silent auction at Cartoon Network Studios in Burbank on June 30th. Starting bid will be 30 buckaroos. Proceeds go to Family Service Agency of Burbank.

And some new fabric has come in for Scraps. Check out what her future apron is going to be made of...

I thought it deserved a close up...

Gotta love the meticulous attention to detail on those hairy lower legs. Somebody had some fun designing this.

The Woo shall return next Sunday!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Woo Tang

Sew today we made biographical pillows for my nieces and nephews. I call them biographical because we purchased fabrics that represent how I view these precious kids through my loving Auntie eye. They are unique, brilliant, lovely people--which is a hard thing to show in a tiny li'l pillow!

It's really very adorable and I can't wait to see their faces as I present these pillows to them...I am soooo gonna be the favorite aunt!

...Here are some pictures of the chosen fabrics (some are pretty hilarious)...

Scraps and Mother Earth Showing off the fabric...

Scraps and pillow fabric...

Scraps cuttin' up and Square Deal workin' da machine.

Mother Earth teaching us how to work her amazingly high tech machine.

Square Deal can sew!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Today the universe interfered with out crafty plans:

Scraps was suffering from a minor cold + major MED-head...
Square Deal stayed home to help the old man craft some furniture...
And Mother Earth just wanted to take a nap.

We did what we could: we ate brunch (as usual), cut some more quilt squares (it's a whole lotta work prepping for quilt-making), bought some amazing construction worker fabric online (for our future apron project), and M.E. started making her purse.

Then we had some more coffee and got ready to go to Jay and Susan's goodbye BBQ. Sigh.

Crafti-woe indeed.

Mother Earth with purse fabric....

Scraps making more squares. She is getting tired of cutting squares....

Mother Earth making initial cuts for her purse.

Scraps' med head up close.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

wooin' on the weekdays

I whipped this out in 2 days for a charity event in Burbank. Click on the pic to enlarge and gaze upon the meticulous hand stitching-- oooooOOOOOOOoooohhhh!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Scrappy Doooo

I don't mean to get snippy or anything (ha ha--I kill me with the crafty puns), but come on, guys--you have to scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN! We added new photos, captions, posts, comments, etc.--ALL OVER the site. M'kay?


Sunday, June 3, 2007

Scrap Happy

Today we experienced a patchwork of events. We cut squares, bought patterns and ribbons, organized photo albums, ate tons of popcorn and candy, practiced our tap dancing skills, challenged each other's flexibility, and realized we did not have all the necessary materials to fully experience the joy of Lauren's magnificent high-tech sewing machine, YET. Thus, no actual sewing today, but the joy of Craftiwoo is with us nonetheless.

Scraps' photo albums of doom.

The fabric of our lives.

Mother Earth Cuttin' Up.

Spindale's Local Fabric Store.

Mother Earth and Scraps looking for patterns.

Craft Crap.

Mother Earth takin' care of bizness.

Mother Earth measuring stuff, pt. 2.

Mother Earth sure does like measuring...

Square Deal makes her mark.

Mother Earth and Scraps reviewing the day's photos...

-Come on Get Crafty!