Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sprout: The Featured Scrap of the Week

Sewing the seeds of love...

I assume my mom collected labels from frozen vegetables for months to send away for that stupid sleeping bag. I probably begged and begged for it—I was a demanding child, of course. I honestly cannot remember actually getting Sprout—I just remember him always being there, and that, by high school, Sprout had become something more than just a sleeping bag to all of us. Sprout had come to symbolize all that was good in the world: warmth, comfort, happy childhood memories, and fiber.

All of my friends wanted a turn with Sprout. I had to learn to share him, and most of my friends even got at least one night alone with Sprout. Some became repeat customers—crashing on the couch with Sprout weekend after weekend—he became an addiction for them.

No one could resist Sprout. How could you? Some of them tried, but he beckoned with the promise of his warm, soft caress. Under Sprout one could watch a movie, nurse a hangover, play hide and seek from nieces and nephews, or sleep without a care in the world. Sprout got the job done.

But he did his job so well, and for so many people, that eventually Sprout began showing signs of exhaustion. He had been stretched too thin; Sprout was coming apart at the seams.

Scraps had a terrible choice to make: never again be enveloped in Sprout’s charms or rip him to shreds…

It hurt a bit, at first: slicing him open and choosing the best pieces while tossing the rest away like an empty bag of frozen vegetables.

Then Scraps remembered all those who Sprout had touched. She found a way to let Sprout love again…not only through his new role as a square in the quilt, but all over the world. So, Scraps saved every little piece to show the world that Sprout will love again!

Small yellow and green bits of love will soon begin sprouting up all over the world…in the meantime, enjoy watching the process as we turn this charming little sleeping bag into the tackiest, busiest, most original quilt known to man. Or woman. Duh.

Here are some lovers of Sprout:

Spanky Von Barks A Lot.

Ruby, my beloved high school pet.

Andrea and one of her famous cookies. ----->


I will scrap you silly!

Here are a few bits and pieces to give you a taste of what's to come:

The orange/brown fabrics above are to "tie-in" the various squares for the Sentimental Quilt of Doom. It may be a bit loud.

The red/black fabrics above are to "tie-in" the various squares of the Punk Rock Quilt of Doom. It will feature shirts from shows and concerts and it will be perfect.

Giant Robots--aaaaah ah ah ah! This is from everyone's favorite Baltimore band.

Here we have a collage of some of my favorite squares so far--from both quilts. I kind of made this collage for Katie. I think she will cry when she sees it.

This is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE concert tee. I almost cried while cutting it up. I wore this until it was practically indecent it was so threadbare. So old, so loved. Second concert I ever attended--such a good time.

Mother Earth and Square Deal are ironing backing onto my oldest shirts to make them sturdier. They are amazingly crafty ladies.

Some were soooo hard to cut I had to take pictures of them first...okay, that happened with a lot of them...Scraps = saps.

Some bits of the Sentimental Quilt of Doom. Why would anyone want to remember working at Chi-Chi's???


For the love of Sprout

"Sprout" was a sleeping bag featuring the Green Giant character, Sprout. Scraps' earliest memory of Sprout was from when she was nine years old, and he has been with her for over 20 years since. So many, many people have had the pleasure of sleeping with Sprout (as he was the usual guest blanket) that he had become very threadbare.

Now he will be part of the quilt, and the very first craftiwoo.

Here Mother Earth begins the painful procedure as Scraps says her farewells.

One of the many Sprout squares.

The aftermath and carnage.

Please do not despair for Sprout, for he is going to a better place. His role as cuddly warm thing had been compromised, and he was unhappy put away in the linen closet. Someday soon, he will be keeping people toasty again.

We love you Sprout!

Get crafty, WOOOOOO!!!

HI! We are...

Mother Earth

Square Deal

and Scraps

....and together we are CRAFTIWOO!!

About a month ago we decided to spend our Sundays being crafty. Our first craftiwoo is a quilt for Scraps. She has collected meaningful bits and pieces of shirts, blankets and other articles of clothing throughout her life (I'm not kidding- her whole life) and we're going to sew them all together to make a King size quilt. Ambitious, huh?

Sew tune in every Sunday for more thrilling CRAFTIWOO adventures!