Sunday, July 8, 2007

Nieces and NephWOOS

Since I have been in Alabama visiting the nieces and nephews for the past few weeks there have been no formal Craftiwoo sessions. However, the Davis family got down and crafty anyway:

Above: My precious nieces Amy and Natalie have begun making quilts of their own!

Above: My dad tore out a kitchen wall and made an awe-inspiring pantry for my mom.

Above: Here is the inside of her new pantry. It is bigger than my kitchen. I am so jealous.

Above: My dad had to teach me how to use my mom's sewing machine. Here he is helping to sew the final stitches on the first pillow.

Above: Here I am after finishing all the pillows. We celebrated with fondue!

Above: Here is my mom showing her approval for one side of the pillows.

Above: Here is my mom showing the other side of the pillows. Not sure if she likes this side as much.

Above: Amy, Matt, and Natalie with their pillows.

Above: Allison, Emily, and Brian with their pillows.

Above: Allison and Emma hamming it up with their pillows.

Above: My brother-in-law, Sparky, stole Matt's pillow. I think he is mad that he did not get one.

Above: Amy is a little possessive/possessed.

Sew, as you can see, I had a fun Alabama vacation with my li'l preciouses. They even gave me some of their old shirts for the quilt (which I need to get back to work on now that I am home).



Mother Earth said...

WOW!!! The pillows turned out great! Go Scraps!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Mother Earth said...

...and let me add that Amy and Natalie's quilt looks pretty awesome, too. Looks like we have a couple of junior woorriars in our midst! Go girls, go!

Square Deal said...

some kind of woonderful, all of it (and welcome back) !